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Futsal Malaysia provides comprehensive sports coverage of all the latest Futsal related news, tournaments, community, national leagues and happenings in Malaysia.

Makan bola, minum bola, tidur bola, Jom Futsal!

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There are 3 kinds of sports fans in this world: The first being those who just enjoy watching sports, then there are those who love talking about it with whoever they come in contact with, and then there are those who want to write their thoughts and emotions down to share it with the world.

Futsal Malaysia would love to provide a platform for those who belong to the latter bunch (those who want to write). Ever watched a game, met a fantastic player or coach, or simply harboring thoughts about different topics that you want to write it? With us, you can do just that. We hope that you would share your passion and insights with us on the website!

What can I write about?
Totally to your discretion! May it be ranting about your team and teammates, discussing certain parts about the game you like or dislike, or have ideas that you would like to share with the futsal community, please do share it with us. As long as it’s related to futsal in any way, we will find a way to get it published. We also allow your social media accounts to be promoted through your articles.

Why write for us?
Futsal Malaysia is an up-and-coming website dedicated to the local futsal scene, and we have a dedicated and capable support team. If you are local, you can expect to be given the opportunity to interview the local futsal teams and players, as we have editors who are familiar with the local scene. Our team consists of people from various backgrounds and cultures.

Of course, there’s no monetary reward but if you aspire to be a paid writer on another platform one day, you are sure to be able to learn vital skills and knowledge with us. Regardless of origin and creed, as long as you are passionate about futsal and writing, welcome aboard!

How do I get involved?
If you know anyone of our team through Facebook or Twitter, just feel free to approach them and they will guide you through it. If not, just email us at admin@futsalmalaysia.com.